NHL Rumors: Boston Bruins, and the Columbus Blue Jackets

What the Columbus Blue Jackets could ask the Boston Bruins for Artemi Panarin, and what an extension could look like.

The potential cost for the Bruins to trade and then sign Panarin

Kevin Paul Dupont: The starting asking price for Artemi Panarin for the Boston Bruins with a contract extension in place would likely be Charlie McAvoy and Jake DeBrusk.

Kevin Paul Dupont: A contract extension could cost around $60 million over seven years.

Trade Talk is starting to pick up a bit

Chris Nichols of Nichols on Hockey: Elliotte Friedman was on 630 CHED and noted that trade talk may be starting to pick up a bit around the league.

“There’s a lot of noise around Columbus, but that’s not really of their own making, that’s kind of just the situation that they’re in. We’ll see. I think at least the chatter is picking up.”

After some more talk about the Edmonton Oilers, Friedman was asked about the trade talk picking up and what might be out there.

“I think Columbus is a team to watch,” considered Friedman after a moment of contemplation. “Again, I’m not convinced what exactly is going to happen there. I know they’re really frustrated at the amount of rumors around their team, and they feel that a lot of them aren’t necessarily true. There’s a real frustration coming out of there with what’s being said about their hockey team… the rumors about Bobrovsky and Panarin.

“I just sense that teams are really trying to figure out what Columbus is trying to do with those two guys.”

Friedman was asked about Blue Jackets forward Josh Anderson. Nick Kypreos touched on Anderson during Sportsnet’s ‘Headlines’ on the weekend. Anderson and the Blue Jackets had tough contract negotiations, but believes that the Blue Jackets like him.

“I just think that everybody knows that was a difficult contract negotiation. You wonder what that’s going to be for the future.”

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