THE HEAT INDEX: Sports Betting: NCAA worried about sports integrity? That’s rich

The NCAA may be the biggest hypocrites to ever walk the planet.

And the latest is how it is so worried that the legalization of sports gambling will somehow ruin the integrity of its sports.

We don’t have to focus on sports betting to know the NCAA is full of it. You can go back to when the NCAA was making money hand over fist during the football bowl system. They used the excuse that extra games would cause more injuries with a playoff system.

Then, the NCAA allowed a 12th regular season game to be played. Then, they allowed conference championship games. Finally, they allowed a four-team playoff.

Why? Don’t they still care about the health and safety of its players? Doubtful.

They also used the excuse that players would miss too much school during a playoff system.

They didn’t much care about all the basketball players missing school during the NCAA Tournament, did they?

And now they are grousing about sports gambling. And soon, it will be just one more “problem” that will be fixed with money.

Nobody complained for all these years about UNLV. The NHL and NFL aren’t worried much about having teams in Las Vegas.

As soon as all the money being made makes it into the hands of the schools and the NCAA, things will work itself out magically.

All these sports leagues are freaking out about sports betting being legalized, and they act as if all of a sudden, people are betting on sports. The fact is, people have been betting on sports for centuries. They have been betting on the Kentucky Derby for decades … where are the protests about the integrity of the Derby?

Will there be people who are caught betting illegally on sports? Tanking games? Shaving points? Sure. Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball for betting, and there was no legalized betting in Cincinnati when he was the Reds manager.

Shaving points happens now. And it will happen in the future, but it won’t be because gambling is now legal. It will happen because in every sport, every game, every walk of life, people are trying to gain an advantage to get ahead.

People cheat on their taxes. People drive over the speed limit to get to where they’re going faster. And athletes will take a payoff to not play so well whether gambling is legal or illegal.

Gambling will bring more viewers to sports. More viewers means more money to run ads. More ads mean bigger TV contracts. Bigger TV contracts mean more money to the schools, and to the NCAA. In two years, we’ll see how against sports betting they still are.

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