NHL dips its toes into the potentially lucrative pool of esports

Hockey fans have any number of ways to meet their NHL idols.

They can hover around the garage at the rink at the end of a game to catch them on their way out, attend various charity events where players sign autographs and interact with fans, or in certain cases, they can even become a hockey writer who gets paid to talk to and criticize their former idols on a daily basis without anyone taking out a restraining order on them.

But meeting your favourite player because you wore an Arizona Coyotes helmet while playing EA Sports NHL 18? That’s somewhat unusual.

But that is exactly how John Wayne Casagranda, the winner of the U.S. regional in the first edition of the NHL Gaming World Championship, received a phone call from the former captain of his favourite team, Shane Doan, to congratulate him on his victory.

This is unreal I’m on cloud 9 a phone call and message from the great Shane Doan. Was my idol growing up!

Article source: https://theathletic.com/393168/2018/06/14/nhl-dips-its-toes-into-the-potentially-lucrative-pool-of-esports/

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