Adorable little girl finally gets puck from Connolly during warmups

Both were on full display for one little girl trying to get her hands on a souvenir puck during warmups at the Washington Capitals Capitals Eastern Conference First Round game against the Columbus Blue Jackets game on Sunday.

Thanks to Brett Connolly and the little girl displaying a patience beyond her years, there was a happy ending to this tale.

Tweet from @Capitals: If at first you don’t succeed… try, try, try again! #CapsJackets #ALLCAPS

Connolly spotted the young fan, clad in an Alex Ovechkin jersey during warmups and tried to toss her a puck. But it was caught and given to another child with a longer reach. The same thing happened the second time Connolly attempted.

The disappointment on the young girl’s face was quite visible, until the Capitals forward went and gathered up a third puck off the ice, this time getting it to the intended recipient [albeit after a couple of tries that didn’t clear the glass].

After Connolly finally got it there, the girl jumped for joy and let out a smile could’ve lit up Capital One Arena.

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