FanDuel NHL Blue Line Power Plays: February 14

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Welcome back to FanDuel NHL Blue Line Power Plays. This is the Wednesday, February 14th edition. We’re a daily fantasy hockey column focused on top FanDuel NHL plays for your lineups each day.

Even without Justin Faulk ($4,600) we had a great night of FanDuel NHL lineups last night. But first, a quick recap of Faulk’s impressive night. For the first time in his NHL career, Justin had a hat-trick. Two goals were during the man-advantage, and with five shots and a blocked shot added to his score, Faulk had an awesome 46.6 FanDuel NHL points on a very cheap $4,600 salary.

We didn’t focus on Faulk last night, but he’s on our radar now. One key point we missed on Faulk’s season, he has a career 6.2% scoring rate per shot. This season, he was running at about 2.6%, meaning he has a huge gap he’ll likely begin to fill the rest of the season. He’s now at 3.8%, but expect that figure to continue to climb over the balance of the year.

Two of our favorite picks last night were Patrice Bergeron ($8,100) and Zach Werenski ($5,000). between the two, obviously Bergeron was the more popular option, but there was risk even with his play. Boston was facing a goalie is newer to the NHL, but had yet to give up more than three goals in a game. Last night, the hot B’s were able to pile up five goals against the Flames, in Boston. Patrice had two goals on six shots, and 35.7 FanDuel NHL points.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been tough to figure out this season. After a great year, last year, they’ve struggled to develop much offense, even though they still have solid defenders and, in theory, good goaltending. But even in Brooklyn, NY, the Islanders have struggled to defend the puck all season, and we felt confident picking some Jackets for our lineup. Still, Werenski had been relatively quiet lately. But that’s exactly why we liked him last night.

The 20-year-old Michigan native is in his sophmore season, and we know he has a lot of offensive awareness. So last night, we were expecting a goal and assist. Instead, we got six shots on goal and three assists, two assists during power plays, for a total of 34.6 FanDuel NHL points. We’ll take that too!

So with continued positive momentum, we’re looking at another three-game slate for Wednesday night, much like Monday’s slate. Let’s take a look at the NHL schedule for Wednesday, February 14th:

Blue Jackets at Maple Leafs (7pm ET)

Canadiens at Avalanche (9:30pm ET)

Panthers at Canucks (10pm ET)

It’s tempting to want to keep targeting Blue Jackets players tonight, but the Maple Leafs are 5-1 in their last six home games. Worse for the Jackets, the Leafs have a 90% PK rate in Toronto over the last couple of weeks, further limiting their offensive potential.

However, the Leafs 12.9% power play rate during that time isn’t great for their offense either. Although, on the road the Blue Jackets have a 53.8% PK in the last five games, so we should still see some offense from the Leafs, even during the man-advantage, tonight.

The Canadiens power play has been very effective lately, 33.3% in their last six home games and 27.3% away from Montreal in their last four road-ice games. But the Avalanche have been very difficult to beat in Colorado. The Avs have won nine of their last ten home games, have a 90.6% PK rate on home ice, and 28.1% power play rate. Advantage goes to the Avs in this one, but the Habs have some sneaky value to tag, too.

Finally, the Panthers offense looked spectacular against the Oilers in Edmonton. But before we get too excited, almost every offense looks great in Edmonton this season. The Canucks are 3-2 in their last five home games, with a 22.2% PP and 80% PK. Meanwhile, the Panthers are 3-2 in their last five road-ice games, and have a 72.7% PK, but an awesome 38.9% man-advantage scoring rate. That last stat was inflated in Edmonton, but it’s still worth noting tonight. We have to grab some Panthers in Vancouver tonight.

As always, we’ll look to update our picks and final lineups prior to lock on our twitter account @FantasyCPR so make sure to give us a follow for all the late breaking lineup news.

Now let’s start building our NHL DFS optimal lineup by looking at the top centers for this slate…

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