Scotiabank NHL100 Classic Jersey

The adidas design team, in collaboration with the NHL, Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, created a timeless aesthetic that celebrates the close of the year-long NHL Centennial festivities.

Each uniform simultaneously pays homage to the history of the NHL and the League’s next 100 years. Drawing inspiration from past and present uniform elements of each club using the new adidas Adizero NHL uniform platform, each jersey effectively incorporates the past, present and future into one timeless uniform.

Additionally, the color silver was used uniquely in each uniform design as a symbolic accent, drawing a direct connection to the NHL’s Centennial Celebration narrative.

As the host of the Scotiabank NHL100 Classic, Ottawa will wear a primarily red uniform. The focal point of the Senators uniform is the “O” crest, which originated from the first generation of the franchise through the team’s current day uniforms. To commemorate the NHL’s 100 year anniversary, the “O” crest is in premium silver twill. This version of the crest is repeated on the helmet and pant.

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