2017 NHL Draft rankings: 11-31 from a selection of sources

The 2017 NHL entry draft is going to be a mystery for Maple Leafs fans. There is no obvious choice or even much consensus at 17th overall.

To help track potential targets, I put together a table of the likely suspects. To start, I went to Jeremy Davis of Canucks Army for a list of 11th to 31st from his most recent post that averages multiple rankers.

I used his analysis of rankers to select a few that are not far off the board, but aren’t all right on the average either. I began with Bob McKenzie’s list, which is consolidated from the people he polls for opinions. Next, is Future Considerations, who I like for their mix of conservatism at the top, and consistent choices lower down, that aren’t always running with the herd. ISS, McKeen’s and Hockey Prospect are all rankers that have opinions, but not outlandish ones.

I included Craig Button mostly because I talked about him when I looked at his mock draft pick for the Leafs, Pierre-Olivier Joseph. His list is not the same as his mock draft, and it’s the list that’s included here. He’s got strong opinions on players.

Last is Canucks Army’s consolidated rankings list. It’s slightly off from their more recent average because it’s a couple of months old. But it comes from a wide range of sources.

The plan is to update this table when June lists come out in a few weeks. I did not include Corey Pronman’s ranking because it is subscription content when new. The Google Sheets original is available to view if this table doesn’t show up well for you.

Article source: http://www.pensionplanpuppets.com/2017/5/19/15663350/toronto-maple-leafs-2017-nhl-draft-rankings-11-31-from-a-selection-of-sources

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