Colorado Avalanche NHL Trade and Roster Rumors: Will Butcher Not Joining Avalanche Anytime Soon

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University of Denver defenseman Will Butcher is probably the most talked-about National Hockey League (NHL) prospect right now.

The Colorado Avalanche actually had the chance to sign him last year, but the team ended up snubbing him even though he wanted to join their prospects camp. It was a perplexing move, to say the least. This time, it’s Butcher’s turn to tell the Avalanche that he’s not interested in signing an entry-level deal with them.

The Denver Post’s Mike Chambers has reported that Butcher met with Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic earlier this week to talk about a potential deal, but the defenseman said he wasn’t ready to commit to the team.

“I told him I didn’t want an offer yet. I wanted to sit with him, talk with him about my year, what they’re thinking, what their philosophy is going to be. My parents are coming in this weekend for the banquet, and I want to talk to my parents before they offer me anything,” Butcher told the Denver Post.

“He came in and gave me his whole spiel about changes in the program, going younger and everything like that. I told him I’d get back in touch with him. I’m weighing all my options right now,” he continued.

Butcher was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche in the fifth round of the 2013 draft, but he’s going to become an unrestricted free agent if they fail to sign him by August 15.

Well, the Avalanche are probably regretting their decision not to sign him last year because a lot of teams will go after him once he hits the open market.

Butcher was awarded the Hobey Baker Award last week and a day later he also led his team to a national championship. He could cap off an amazing year by signing with an NHL team this summer.

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