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Beginning last season, the NHL began allowing coaches the ability to challenge the legality of a scoring play. If they win the challenge, the play gets overturned. If they lose, they sacrifice their team’s timeout.

This has led to a number of positive outcomes in which referees were able to review the play and correct a blown call. That is very cool.

What is not very cool, however, is how many times the coach’s challenge has been used to overturn a goal thanks to a meaningless offside that had little to no effect on the play.¬†

Some may disagree, but my stance is this: If an offside review needs a frame-by-frame analysis to determine if a player entered the zone before the puck, it was not egregious enough to matter — especially on goals where play was established in the offensive zone for a significant period of time.

The coach’s challenge wasn’t established to slow the game down for¬†insignificant technicalities, it was put in place to rectify egregious mistakes.

Leave the coach’s challenge for goalie interference and other plays around the net, but these excruciating offside reviews need to go.

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