Hotstove: Will Anyone Record 100 Points In 2016-17?

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Todd Cordell

I know 100 points is an extremely difficult mark to hit but I think someone will be able to do it in 2016-17. I doubt that Patrick Kane will duplicate last season’s success so my picks to make things interesting, if not reach 100 points, are Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid.

After tallying nine points in his first 18 games last season Crosby took off and produced 74 points in his final 62 games. That’s a 98-point pace.

Meanwhile McDavid produced at a near 90-point pace as an 18-year-old rookie while playing for a bad team. I think McDavid is in line for a huge year and has as good of a chance (or better) than every player in the NHL.

James Tanner

Yes. Connor McDavid. He will win the scoring title by 20 points with his upcoming 50 goal 110 point season. I really think that if he’s healthy there is no stopping him.

If guys like Benn and Kane are winning scoring titles, then McDavid should lap the field. No offence to those guys, but I’m betting even they would admit that McDavid is on another level.

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