Former NHL enforcer Donald Brashear loses court fight

A Superior Court judge has ordered former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear to pay $9280 dollars to a man he beat up in a parking lot following a North American Hockey League game in 2011.

Éric Labelle had filed a civil suit seeking $357,000 in damages.

In reducing the amount sought, the judge ruled that Labelle, who played for Trois-Rivières, had provoked Brasher by approaching his car after the game and kicking his rear view mirror.

Brashear got out of the car and in the ensuing fight Labelle suffered a concussion.

He claimed the blow had ended his career, but the judge ruled that Labelle failed to prove the connection given the large number of fights Labelle had been involved in during his career.

Brashear was convicted of assault in the case in 2012.

He was sentenced to 18 months probation and was ordered to pay $6000 to a hospice.

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