NHL Commissioner Bettman signs deal through ’22

Bettman has signed a contract through 2022, according to a person familiar with the situation.

National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman recently said retirement wasn’t on his radar.

The Board of Governors met Saturday morning; however, expansion was only a small item on the agenda for the meeting, which lasted more than two hours. “I know people are getting exhausted of hearing me say that but I think being patient and not saying much is the best way to go”.

If I were a betting man, I think the executive committee will recommend expansion to Las Vegas but not yet for Quebec City. “So there are still lots of things from a variety of constituents that have to be dealt with before we get to a serious consideration of that issue”.

Bettman said that accusation was “not relevant”, as the League welcomed Scott to the All-Star Game. A message seeking comment was left for Michelle Kersch, spokeswoman for the Bill Foley’s Black Knight Sports Entertainment in Las Vegas.

“If we don’t make 2017-18 we don’t make 2017-18”, he said.

“There is no universal view on that”, Bettman said, via the Chicago Tribune. “As long as there is at least a year lead time, we could make ’17-18, but if we don’t make ’17-18 we don’t make ’17-18”.

The Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver in 1995, becoming the Colorado Avalanche. “A lot of things have to be considered”, Bettman said. The financial details of the contract were not released, but he did earn roughly $9.6M in 2013.

“We’re not running a 60-minute game where the clock is going to run out”, he said.

Another work stoppage may be on the horizon in 2020 – and Bettman would be there to guide the NHL through it. Either the NHL or the NHL Players’ Association can elect to opt out of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement by September 1, 2019. There is no arena in Seattle that is suitable for an National Hockey League franchise and nothing on the horizon as far as a new one is concerned but the National Hockey League put out bids previous year and nothing came from anyone wanting a franchise in Seattle. Both parties did have a discussion with the International Ice Hockey Federation two months ago, Bettman said, leaving questions related to the cost to transport and insure the players up to the IIHF and the International Olympic Committee. Despite that, Bettman has been responsible for several key changes.

Foley said he and Bettman speak periodically but he said the conversations are “nondescript”.

NEWARK NJ- JULY 22 Gary Bettman Commissioner of the NHL attends the Beyond Sport United 2015 event

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