8 NHL-inspired Halloween ideas

  October 31, 2015, 9:59 AM

  October 31, 2015, 9:59 AM

Let’s face it: Most hockey costume ideas have been played out.

We’ve all witnessed the people who show up to Halloween parties as the Hanson brothers, Goon‘s Doug Glatt, and the exhausted generic hockey player. This is the year to take your hockey and Halloween love affair to another level.

Here are eight NHL-inspired Halloween ideas.

The Andrew Hammond

The best thing about going to a Halloween party as Hammond is that you don’t neccesarily have to dress as the Ottawa Senators goaltender. All you really need is an invite to a party where you don’t know anyone.

Show up to the party, spend the evening impressing people and giving them no option but to love you, then just disappear. BAM! You’re Andrew Hammond.

Steve Yzerman’s pursuit

Here’s a good idea for a costume if you’re heading out with a partner. Have one person throw on a Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay Lightning sweater while the other trails closely behind all night with a pen and contract in hand.

The Anaheim Ducks’ offence

Everyone you know is expecting big things from you this Halloween. You’re generally a lock to show up in a first rate costume. Surprise them all with your Anaheim Ducks’ offence act by failing to show up to the party.

A hot dog vendor

That’s right, build that cardboard hot dog vendor costume you’ve always wanted. Stand around on Halloween night long enough and Pittsburgh Penguins sniper Phil Kessel is bound to come by for his daily taste.

Mike Babcock

You could just wear a suit and scowl the night away, but in order to fully embrace your role as Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock for the evening you will require invites to multiple parties.

You’re the night’s No. 1 free agent, just choose the party that pits you furthest away from accomplishing your goals for the night and just like that…you’re Babcock.

Raffi Torres’ season

Here’s a costume idea that’s good in a pinch. All you need is a blank t-shirt. Print the San Jose Sharks’ season schedule, or you know…41 games of it, on the back like it’s a concert t-shirt and you’re Torres’ 2015-16 season (if he’s lucky).

Todd McLellan

For all those hockey fans stuck at home with parental duties on Halloween night. Who says you can’t take the kids out with you? Coach Todd sure doesn’t say you can’t. Pack ’em up, one-two-three-four…hell take 20 kids with you.

The 2015-16 Calgary Flames

You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy. Some years we just don’t have the time and energy required to prepare that surefire winner of a Halloween costume.

There’s nothing wrong with recycling last year’s. Just leave out that one element that really made last year’s costume a success and all of a sudden you’re the 2015-16 Flames!

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