NHL great Bernie Nicholls promotes new sports stock market game and concussion …


During a storied NHL career, Bernie Nicholls frequently tilted the scoring market, including a 70-goal and 150-point season in 1988-89 with the Los Angeles Kings.

Now the owner of 1,209 career NHL points is trying to establish a different kind of market.

Nicholls, 54, is the spokesman and part owner of a game called AllSportsMarket. The idea is that instead of traditional betting, participants invest in NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB teams like stocks and get returns in dividends and share values.

You can buy shares and sit on them for two or three years, five years, 10 years, just like a normal stock,” Nicholls said.

You can buy and sell sports teams. To me, I don’t know a sports person in the world that wouldn’t want to do that. People make investments every day. But when you get to watch your investment every night or whenever they play, there’s nothing better.”

Right now, the game is free and involves only fake money, not real money, for participants to get familiarized with the concept when they download the app.

Down the road, pending formal agreements with leagues and players’ associations for a percentage of proceeds, the markets would convert to real money. Ultimately, Nicholls said, he would like to see some funds from the enterprise dedicated to retired players in need.

I think in a couple years it will be a real money market,” Nicholls said, “so people can invest in sports teams rather than IBM, Google or gold and silver.”

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