NHL Playoff Odds 2015: Handicapping Every 2nd-Round Team’s Stanley Cup …

Why they can win it all: Well, because they are still in the playoffs, and miracles happen sometimes. They need 12 wins, which will all have to come against superior teams. The Flames aren’t very good, and they beat another squad that isn’t very good, the Vancouver Canucks, in the first round. Calgary won’t catch a break like that again. Jonas Hiller will have to become the best goaltender in the world for six weeks for the Flames to win the Cup. Stranger things have happened.

Why they can’t win it all: The Flames are a poor five-on-five team that’s missing its best defenseman, Mark Giordano (torn biceps). They won’t have home-ice advantage in any remaining series, including their second-round matchup with the Anaheim Ducks. It’s already a miracle that the Flames reached the playoffs and won a round.

Stanley Cup Odds: 35-1

Article source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2447419-nhl-playoff-odds-2015-handicapping-every-2nd-round-teams-stanley-cup-chances

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