Rumors IV: Doan, Stars, Bozak, Richards and the Sabres

“No, you think about it. Certainly. He’s right in my wheelhouse for… scouting. For being on the road. For looking at players. That’s a 2003 draft. In my opinion, the best draft that I’ve been involved in.

“Mike Richards is a – and I don’t know if I’m allowed to comment, but he was on waivers, so I’ll comment. And I’ll saying nothing but nice about him. World juniors. Two Stanley Cups. I mean, that’s my heyday of amateur scouting. I loved him. I mean, who didn’t love him?

“So yeah – you see that, you have a lot of internal discussion. You’d have to discuss his contract. Obviously. You have to discuss term and money. But, I mean, you know me. Scouting is what it’s about. And a player like that is what scouting was about.

“Lots of conversation and yeah, a lot of internal discussion on a player like that that was on waivers. No question.”

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