Rumors II: Ducks, Bruins, Canucks, Wild and Jets

“I like our group,” Fletcher said. “Every year since I’ve been here, we’ve routinely got outshot, we routinely can’t score goals. We dominate most games we play in, our goal scoring’s getting better. Now we’ve got to get our defensive structure back, get back to the details of the game. But I think anybody that has watched our team this year sees the talent and ability of the team. It’s a good hockey team and right now we just have to get back to doing what we do well.”


“You can’t every time you go through a little slump or have struggles look to the outside and airlift somebody in and assume they’re going to solve all your problems for you,” Fletcher said. “You’ve got to battle through. … Learning how to win means you have to see your mistakes and overcome adversity.

“It’s all the clichés, but especially with young players, this is how they grow, this is how they gain experience. To me, it would be the wrong time and the wrong message.”

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