Patrick Kaleta not to appeal of ban

Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta is not going to plea for his 10 games suspension to an independent authority says his agent Anton Thun and an NHLPA spokesman on Tuesday.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has given a statement on Thursday Brendan Shanahan’s 10-game suspension of Patrick Kaleta for his hit to the head of Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson this month. He is having the opportunity to plea for further to an independent arbitrator, after the new wrinkle in the new collective bargaining agreement, he decided not to plea.

According to sources Patrick Kaleta’s suspension could cost him $152,439 in lost salary, which will be transfer to the NHL players fund. Kaleta, who was suspended for the five games last season after he pushed New York Rangers center Brad Richards from behind and into the boards. Kaleta was suspended for five games and lost $72,000 in salary. Meanwhile, Kaleta also suspended for two other times earlier in his NHL career.

Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta hit Jack Johnson at 3:10 of the first period of Buffalo’s 4-1 loss to Columbus on 10th Oct. 

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