Florida Panthers regret selecting Seth Jones

Jared Seth Jones is a defenseman of the American junior ice hockey and now he is playing with Western Hockey League of the Portland Winter hawks. Nashville Predators selected Seth Jones in the first round of 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Seth Jones did not make the Florida Panthers regret of selecting him in the second pick in the 2013 NHL Draft. When he was first potentially picked in the 2013 draft the Seth Jones defenseman vowed to do his best for the team and he don’t want to make Colorado Avalanche, Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning regret taking him.

Paul Fenton the general manager of the Nashville assistant said that Seth Jones has played very well, he has an amazing talent and ability to escape under pressures. He also said that he is a wonderful and terrific player for the team.

Seth Jones said that he had played pretty well in the game. He also said that it was a bit tough to get into his first period but later with confidence he played pretty plays out there. Seth Jones said that he is not a selfish player and he is not doing anything to prove himself to anyone but he is going to do his best for the team as a player.

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