Time for Retirement: Final Season for Teemu Selanne

Teemu Selanne have re-signed the Ducks, however he is the most senior player in the team and playing his 21st season in NHL and 14th with the Anaheim Ducks.

After his NHL debut in 1992 with Jets he appeared in 1387 games and recorded 1430 points by posting 675 goals, 755 assists.

The 43 year-old, said that this will be his final season and after this he will be announcing the retirement from hockey.

The Ducks have started the last season with zero expectations and later their performance was outstanding and won the Pacific Division.  They have returned to the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the last season but they have lost in the first round against Red Wings.

Selanne wants to achieve the Title for the Ducks this year, as he thinks that the team is having the best squad and capable of cracking the rivals in this season.

“We have so many good things going on right now, and we know we can do better, and that’s a main reason why I’m here. I’m still very hungry to win again. We have a good team and a lot of good things going here.” Selanne told.

“If we had a bad team and bad season, it would be an easy situation to just say, ‘Thanks for everything,’ and go on. But I felt we can do better and I can do better, and everybody can do better. There’s unfinished business for sure.” He added.

He said that, his retirement doesn’t depend on winning or losing this year’s Title but he wants to enjoy the last season and lead the team towards the Title.

“There is no handbook about how you’re going to feel when you retire,” Teemu Selanne said. “I’ve never gotten the feeling that I’m done and this is enough. I’m just waiting for my body and my mind to say, ‘I’m done.’

“I’ve been able to enjoy this game so much that even on the tough nights and days, I still enjoy it. It’s going to end somewhere, and I decided now for my family and everybody that it’s going to be my last season. That’s fair for everybody. But I haven’t yet had a moment where I felt, ‘This is it.”

The Anaheim Ducks released a funny video on Teemu Selanne return to the team. Watch it here.

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