The Colorado Avalanche’s Paul Stastny ready to bounce back

The Hockey teams are getting ready with the players for the 2013-14 season. The Colorado Avalanche is expecting the team to bounce back after the no show in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The team expecting that the return of Paul Stastny in the2010 Olympic form will help the team a lot.

Paul Stastny had scored 24 points with 9 goals and 15 assists in last season. He had a very good record of 79 points in 81 games in 2009-10 season, where he played at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

 Joe Sakic (Avalanche’s Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations) and Patty Roy, the hall of famers are managing the team with the new blood expecting a lot from the young team members.

Stastny said on Monday, “I honestly believe it is going to be a big change with the new blood, with new coaching and the new management”, “It is almost a whole new, clean slate and we want to bring it back to the glory days of the Avalanche”.

Under the guidance of the legends, Sakic and Roy, the team wants to regain the glory back. The team is now in complete balance with the No.1 pick Nathan MacKinnon and other skilled players Gabriel Landeskog and Steve Downie.

The 26 year-old, 6-foot and 205-pound Stastny is all set to play a key role for Avalanche to win the Gold in Winter Olympics for the country.

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