Will David Backes Fight Against Canadians again in Olympics

David Backes is well known for his brutal play on the ice. Once again Backes is getting ready to beat the Canadians in the Olympics.

Back in 2010 he won the American’s heart by fighting high profile players like Jonathan Toews, Corey Perry and Rick Nash. He sent negative vibes to Canadians through his acts against them. American fans named as “Inglorious Backes.”

Backes told that “Obviously the conspiracy theorists will be out again on that whole deal. Whatever you guys cook up, that’s great.”

“I like to play hard. If those guys get in my way, we’re going to have more issues. But friendly competition … we’re going to go out there and try to win games, whether it’s Americans, Canadians, Russians, Finns, Swedes … I’m trying to play hard against them.” he added.

Backes is now part of a veteran group of American players who form the core of the 2014 team, after having exceeded expectations in Vancouver by making the gold medal game.

He raised the expectations in the team by his gold medal game and now he is the part of American veteran players.

He told that “Expectations are a little higher this time, within the group”.

“Those experiences will prove to be invaluable to helping us have success. Making sure you’re not ill-prepared for any challenge that we face. We’ve been in a gold medal game. We know how exciting that can be. That was a little awe-struck moment stepping on that ice. Having that experience will help us, moving forward,” he added.

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