Andrew Shaw’s Stitches Auctioned for $6500

Andrew Shaw cheek was impaired by Puck during the game 6 in Stanley Cup finals against Boston Bruins in June.

He got few stitches on his cheek at that time. After Chicago Blackhawks won the finals and started the celebrations. Everyone may have remembered one moment when Shaw lifted the cup, blood spilled out from his cheek.

Joel Alpert of AM Sports Marketing met Shaw after the game 6 and asked if he’d be willing to auction the stitches off for charity.

Andrew Shaw’s Stitches Auctioned for $6500

After two months, the stitches were sold for $6,500 during the auction with 100 percent of the winnings going to benefit the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Auction was placed in eBay and started on 15 of August and ran for 10 days.

Andrew Shaw’s Stitches Auctioned for $6500.


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